A tiny bit of rage on card options

Now, I get that I was careless with my selections. I opened the opportunity card, and clicked it the first option, because I expected it to be the same thing it always was. I got the Western Embassy lodging card, and I wanted to use the first option to get certified scrap. But LO and behold, I sold my soul for a night whisper and 7 storm threnodies. I get it, I get that I should have been more careful, and that the option is there because of the winter festivities, like last year.

BUT DEAR GOD, WHY would you suddenly change any regular card or story option so that the first option is &quotSell your soul&quot!? This option really should have been further down on the card so it’s not accidentally chosen.

Well, shit, so now I’m spending all my actions searching for odd bundles to get my soul back. I did that once before, and I REALLY didn’t want to do it again. I would LOVE to get rid of the night whisper and storm threnodies to get my soul back if someone in charge could do that for me. But if not, anyone know a better spot to search for bundles? The best I know is &quotFun with the Fisher-Kings&quot in the flit.

I’m REALLY unhappy about this. I feel totally cheated.

I sympathise with your problem - I’ve had a few issues come about when an unexpected menu option showed up on a card, although nothing as annoying as yours.

As for getting your soul back, I think the fisher kings are your best bet.

If it makes you feel any better… you’re not the only person that did that. [li]I had never sold my soul in a year and a bit of playing until yesterday, thanks to the same misclick.

I assume they put the option at the top of the card so that people would notice there was something different instead of missing the option.

Anyway, I’m also pretty gutted (though would stop short of saying I feel cheated), but am going to try to turn it into a positive by picking up the Sanctum while I’m soulless (which I had never intended to be). RP-wise I’m assuming my character was conned by a opportunistic devil while distracted. I expect they asked for my autograph (that happens to me a lot) and I didn’t check what I ws signing carefully enough. Dangerous to visit the Brass Embassy without one’s wits fully about onesself - a valuable lesson learned. I’ll find my soul in fairly short order, I’m sure. And who knows? It might be improved by a short period away from me.

It’s not that bad. Losing your soul doesn’t have any negative mechanical benefits. Plus you can get the Sactum for cheap from the Wicket. I’d hold off on getting it back until after the season.

Besides, from what I understand getting your soul back is super easy. Lots of people sell it as often as they can because it can be a pretty efficient in terms of Echoes per Action.
It used to cost Fate to get back. Those were the days.
Whipper Snappers.

Yea, that’s fine. But I already have all the upgraded lodgings, so it’s whatever. And I’ve saved at least half a dozen Tears of the Bazaar that I could use for Taste of Lacre if I felt like it.

I’m going to track how many actions it takes to get it back. Its a 1 in 130 chance, if I understand it correctly. Ugh.

If you do, please let us know.
I’ve heard people bragging about getting it back within the week without really trying.

I’m both Stained and Enhanced, so no one wants my soul but me.

Watch you get it on the first try now that you’re tracking it. Not that that would be a bad thing! It’d just be kinda funny.

Ha, yes, the same thing just happened to me. I created another thread on pretty much the same topic, which I wouldn’t have if I’d realized this one existed. I agree with Nile’s approach of interpreting it in character. Such a shenanigan fits with what I’d expect from Devils, and this sort of twist of fate is exactly the sort of thing that adds interest to one’s life in the Neath.

Yea, thanks everyone I feel a bit better now. It’s been a long while since I’ve done much of anything interesting, so I jumped to anger a bit quick. Reminds me of when I went to the Mirror Marches for the heck of it. Or died just so I could play chess with the boatman. It IS really hard to find a good chess opponent these days.

By the way 46 actions and counting. I’m including all ‘join in their games’ whether I successfully get a bundle or not. But of course I exclude actions spent on cards, snow, etc.
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What, what? You can get your soul back now without paying fate for it!? What’s this?!

You can get it back from a Bundle of Oddities, from what I hear the chances are higher to get the correct value bundle from the Fisher Kings in the Flit.

Fisher Kings is the most convenient and repeatable option that gives a bundle value that can give you the soul. Whenever a bundle triggers, it gives you a random prize from 1 to whatever max is set on that specific action. Getting your soul back is at 100. So you need an action that gives bundles at at least that. Fisher kings gives up to 130.

It’s still really random. I’m at 190 actions spent on it and no soul :<

Aww. I hope you get your soul back soon.

Every time I get a starveling cat, I die a little inside… and outside. Because the cat is just as rare as finding your soul.

Can’t you also get your soul back from the Capering Relicker on the Someone is Coming card?

Nope, that just gives regular souls and contracts. Not yours.

Oh my, I’m so shocked and saddened that a companion of devils lost their soul…the phrase hoist by one’s own petard comes to mind.

Hey, did anybody else spot the new option on the Western Tower card? I got it on an alt lacking her soul, but if it’s the new first option that would really help prevent unfortunate misclicks.

Why everybody is always saying that is easier from the buddle? I got it pretty fast hanging out in the university. You know, the university card. So you have that option too. To cover all the angles.

As far as I know for the University card has a watchful range that some people have gone past. Also the option in the Flit is always available (once you have opened that area) and you don’t have to keep flipping cards.