A Ticket to Apis Meet

Another user brought to my attention that an option is available at Polythreme that requires a Ticket to Apis Meet.

I haven’t been to Polythreme myself yet, but a forum/wiki search doesn’t bring anything up other than Sunless Sea references.

Is this indeed new? Maybe this is linked to that major island content that Hannah mentioned yesterday?

That is fantastic news. Wow. A Jeweled Future, here I come. (is there an echo of it?)

Oh. My.
This gonna be GOOD!

I played Sunless Sea 10 hours a day for a whole week and I can’t even remember where that is. My poor, poor mind…

Carnelian Coast.

Adam’s Way. The Elder Continent!

Adam’s Way ! That, I remember, fortunately. This is where you can only spend a day, day that is ponctuated by the growth and death of a tree, right ?

Quite a nice place. Even if I do remember that my crew did not approve of everything I did there…

I believe (though this is second-hand information) that the option is not accessible yet since there is no way of acquiring &quotA Ticket to Apis Meet&quot that I know of.

I’ve added it to my list of loose ends for now, though it’s not really a loose ends as I suspect it rather presages imminent content addition.

I wonder what stat(s) this area will predominantly feature. It’d be neat to have a Dangerous area across the Unterzee. I’m excited nonetheless, of course.

Although… Apis Meet is not exactly on an island. Unless you consider the entire Elder Continent to be an island.

Does that mean there’ll be new Fallen London content relating to a Sunless Sea location, or new Sunless Sea content added to an existing location? I’d have thought the latter, but this might be a sneak peek at an example of the former! Either way, my mental gramophone’s been singing &quotI’ve got / two tickets to Apis Meet&quot all morning. (Why &quotApis Meet&quot, anyway? I looked Apis up on Wikipedia, and, well, it’s all very Neath-y, but I don’t know which bits are relevant.)

I mean, I also knew about the god before, but I always thought of BEES given the giant sculptures atop the orbs of the gate. What’s there in the lore about devils on the Continent? I know the bit about winged things and the garden, but I never encountered that content myself.[li]

I always figured it was where the Mountain of Light’s application programming interfaces got together and discussed what kinds of functionalities should be accessible to the Presbyterate.

[quote=Sara Hysaro]I wonder what stat(s) this area will predominantly feature. It’d be neat to have a Dangerous area across the Unterzee. I’m
excited nonetheless, of course.[/quote]
I’d also love a new Dangerous area. But I expect/hope this will be a continuation of the Dilmun Club content, which is Watchful based.

It could be Watchful/Dangerous, kinda like Port Carnelian is Watchful/Persuasive.

Is this option still available? Because I’m in Polythreme and I can’t seem to find it.

According to Wiki and my original source, it only appears when you travel to Polythreme by Tramp Steamer rather than your own boat.

It seems there is a new mechanic when travelling by Tramp Steamer that uses tickets. There are three tickets that I am aware of so far - London, Polythreme and Apis Meet. You get these (presumably) when selecting the relevant storylet at departure (e.g. A Ticket to Polythreme in Wolfstack Docks) and, depending on what ticket you have, different options unlock in the “Aboard a Tramp Steamer” location when you get your Approaching Journey’s End high enough.

So presumably, at some point Apis Meet will unlock and we might be able to travel there by normal means (possibly requiring some complicated unlock item like the Screaming Map) or by Tramp Steamer, in which case, we’d get the Ticket to Apis Meet.

As I say, though, this is half-secondhand info/half-speculation. I am still on Mutton Island, chasing the Hooded Lady so have no verified this myself.

That’s actually really really cool. I wonder if other locations will get tickets.

You can see the ticket mentioned when travelling on the Steamer.

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That plural is making me cringe.