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Advantages largely become obsolete as you approach 200 in primary unaugmented stats. In the process of simply enduring the checks it takes to get those final 7000 CPs AFTER achieving PoSI, you also have more than a few chances to earn many, many Echoes that make general stat augmentation more than affordable. Getting +10 from equipment is easily achievable with a double digit investment, and +50 in the same stat is possible below 2k, as long as it’s clear what we’re shooting for.

There are a small number of grindable or otherwise majorly profitable challenges requiring even 200 of a stat, let alone the 250+ that are achievable without taking Tier 2 specialization into consideration. So things like menace management become much less of a line item as your stats increase; really, they’re the largest expense when you’re making your bones, and that’s if you don’t have an active enough social life to manage your Menaces by other means.

Speaking of which, it might be an interesting way to incentivize thoughtful Tier 2 specialization if those 15 points mattered a little more. Here is an example of an Opportunity Card that I think would be of interest to a build like mine, and whose concept could be easily replicated:

Occurrence: On a heist, ideally only of Baseborn & Fowlingpiece
Frequency: Probably less than standard, as whatever you decide appropriate should take a 5 card lodging into consideration
Requirements: 225 Shadowy to appear

Upon failure: Loss of 2 Cat’s Tread, gain of 1 CPs wound/suspicion.
Upon success: +3 Burglar’s Progress, perhaps with +1 Inside Information upon a rare success

Chance for success:
50% at 225,
75% at 250
100% at 275

In this case, somebody with Gloam Foam, a Ratskin Suit, Lenguals, Kingscale Boots and a decent Shadowy companion could get into the neighborhood of 70% on an aggressively profitable card if they were both fully &quottrained&quot and well-dressed for the occasion. With the involvement of their advanced items, they could probably reach 75% of success on this meaningfully profitable success and dangerous failure.

Most importantly, Invisibly Eminent deserves some strategic relevance on a major Shadowy-intensive profit source if it’s going to be irrevocable. This could easily be balanced if, for example, people could gain Artistic / Duelling/Hunting / Expeditioning/University advantages with appearance requirements barring the riff-raff while containing menace liability, and enough capacity for profit, to incentivize people uninterested in CP growth.

Right now, I’m mostly at a theoretical benefit in avoiding Tier 2 specialization, which seems unfair to older and more experienced players who made their choice when it was changeable. This way, I would pay a sort of tax for my lack of commitment, which adds meaningful choice to the matter.

Edit: On second thought, requiring an Inside Information regardless of success-failure might scale a little more reasonably, but I think the overall idea is obvious: hidden checks that force hard decisions on high stat players would encourage more meaning in Tier 2 specialization while it remains developed as far as it is. Right now, it’s a permanently commitment with mainly RP relevance, kind of like, you know…marriage.

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edited by Gerald Edgerton on 12/14/2015

Specializations were never changeable. There was a tip that stated that you could change them later, but that confused players into thinking that the method to do so was implemented rather than something that’ll be put in later.

Really? I had no idea. If anything, that sort of supports the point I was driving at, though - that they deserve a meaningful advantage for a choice they can’t take back.

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Well, I assume the statistics play a large part in which content gets developed, and when.
So if you want more content for Tier 2 specializations, go forth and mentor some players. The more Tier 2s there are, the more business sense it makes to give us new content…

^ Okay this guy’s making sense!