A thought about Lodgings...

I was just thinking it would be nice if some of the Lodgings other than the 3 top-tier ones were upgradable.

I’ve gotten rather attached to my Lair in the Marshes, for instance, and I don’t think the advantages of an extra card or two to turn is necessarily worth the grind, especially because I don’t necessarily like the flavor of living in one of the same three locations as any one else of higher levels. But on the other hand, the flavor text for the Lair makes it pretty clear that it is, definitively, a run-down dump. Other than the Townhouse, there’s really no 3-card lodging that a person of means would want to call home or invite friends back to. The truth is I would much rather do the grind to &quotrenovate&quot the Heron Tower into a more comfortable 4-card lair than to move into one of the existing 4 card dwellings.

The mechanic is already in place with the upgrade from 4 → 5, and while not all the lower-tier dwellings are suitable for it, I think several of them would be. Maybe you could buy the Bookshop and continue living over it as the proprietor, or repair the Steamer enough to get it floating again and live on it as a Houseboat? (There’s already a mechanic in place to resurrect it on the card…) A Suite over a Secret Casino?

Any thoughts? Has this been brought up/shot down before? Anybody get any further imaginative ideas of how Lodgings could be upgraded?

I don’t know about the upgrade option, but I wouldn’t mind seeing some of the other lodgings see a little more use. Maybe not in terms of card-hand upgrades, but maybe something like how the Townhouse gets used to make a Salon or Orphanage. Maybe the Lair can be so outfitted to make an Association (Villain’s Den?) that gave Dreaded + Shadowy. Maybe? I’d certainly like to see more with the Bookshop, myself.

Not having to deal with city vices is a bit of an advantage. I could see the argument against a 5 card location without CV, it would simply be the place to live. A 4 card lodgings outside the city does make some sense to me.

Secret underzee base?

It’d be nice if you could set your profile to display your location as being in one of the other Lodgings for cosmetic purposes, at least; that’d solve the problem of choosing between the sentimental value of your swamp home and the practical value of a top suite at the Royal Beth. Although, honestly, I’m beginning to wonder if it’s /worth/ an Impossible Theorem.

Well you can get it at christmas without the theorem

I actually really like the idea of being able to upgrade the other lodgings. The only thing I can remember is a vague discussion about making choice of lodging more significant - in particular that moving from one lodging to another would become costly in some way.