A theory as to why SMEN content remains retired...

…Perhaps, whenever Alexis sits down to make even thirty minutes to properly engage the idea of integrating the concept and content, he feels a strange hunger in his belly. Perhaps he hears a warning that no good will come of it.

Edit: Not intended as a criticism in any way whatsoever! Just enjoyed the thought of a reckoning so severe it had IRL ramifications. Thank you, as always, for making this place.
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A reckoning will not be postponed indefinitely.

Could Mr. Eaten be kickstarted? Would offering to grind IRL for its return be overly ominous?

It has been far too long since we were allowed to Kickstart for some exclusive access. The taste of the Temple Club has whet my appetite. Hopefully the Sunless Sea expansion will be completed soon and we can look forward to something…“big”.

I’d toss $10 into the pot to fund the rediscovery of mr eaten.

Maybe in the meantime I should get around to that subscription, the healthier the company fiances, the easier such side projects become.

Stretch goal achieved!

“A Company: Failbetter Games” = 0.

I wish at least the bit where you can get free of it would open back up. I’m sitting on a Mark right now because one of the codes last Christmas killed my Free of the Name and got me Seeking -again-. I got out of that business for a reason, damnit!

Perhaps SMEN concent is in the game. Has been this whole time. But we can’t access it, because Mr E.'s been eating all the photons that we’d need to see the storylet.

In all seriousness though, I hope it gets reimplemented as a separate Ambition. Perhaps one that could be accessed after completing one’s original Ambition. Or all of them. Seems massive enough to warrant it.

So it unlocks only when you have the most to lose out of it. Delightfully wicked, if I do say so myself.

What would the &quotreward&quot tiers be, though? $10, you get absolutely nothing? $20, a vaguely menacing e-mail? $100, Alexis pays you an in-person visit to slap you?

What would the &quotreward&quot tiers be, though? $10, you get absolutely nothing? $20, a vaguely menacing e-mail? $100, Alexis pays you an in-person visit to slap you?[/quote]

$150 Alexis pays you an in-person visit in a tiger costume with a fez hat and slap you with a Tiny Cave Fish of questionable freshness.

$200 replace all previous rewards with “a vaguely ominous silence and a conscious act of ignoring you from Alexis”.

$500 is for the SMEN content to be released, though you will never see it. To be forever banned from such a story.
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The Name is given.

In Irrigo.

You get a complimentary Thank you note written in loving Correspondence script.

Exclusive $5,000 content involves your very own consumption and drowning.

The fulfilling of which may or may not be forever tied up in legal debate.

[/li]Just a few trivial things. I guess a few candles dedicated to certain saints would be enough.

$10,000 reward:

Failbetter Games comes along and does a live renactment of the Seeking Mr Eaten’s name quest with you as the main star.

$700 Reward: Your account is given a curse quality which IP-bans you after logging in from the same address seven times. It does not, however, account-ban you, so you can keep playing if you use a friend’s computer or a public library, but this also spreads the curse to their addresses.

$777 Reward: FBG will build an ominous well in your backyard. There will be nothing in the well.

$7777777 Reward: Mr Eaten’s name will be engraved on a lead tablet and sent* to you.

Charges for fire-proof* postage and handling not included.
** By purchasing this reward, you indemnify FBG from any and all liability for your letterbox, house, possessions, pets, self, family members and/or friends*** receiving fire damage.
*** But let’s face it, you won’t have many friends left after you’ve betrayed them all.

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