A Surfeit of Companions

I am currently pursued by a large entourage of Companions, many of whom are surplus to requirements (with all due respect to them, human or animal, it is merely the fault of their statistics), are there companions who simply cannot be disposed of at all, and are there any plans to change this in the future (I think ravens for example recently became saleable at the Bazaar)?[li]

Yeah, Companions is one of the largest categories, with a lot of overlap in stats. Until recently, as you say, the bred Ravens and the Fate-locked Labyrinth creatures couldn’t be sold. There are still quite a few that can’t be got rid of - Ambition items, Feast of the Rose rewards, most quest rewards.

Personally, I wouldn’t want to. I love knowing my characters have lots of pets and loyal(ish) allies.

I agree with Zeek. I also figure that, since most POSIs have lots of different residences, there are plenty of places for their Pets and human companions to live. ;-)

It’s not that I want get rid of them so much that they don’t serve a purpose, if I there were further storylets for them or as Catherine refers to the lodgings, they could be resided at certain lodgings (perhaps involving them in storylets from lodgings cards). However I realise I could use my imagination and I shouldn’t necessarily expect the game to detail my Fallen London personal circumstances for me.

Personally, I took the advice of one of the cards suggested naming pets after poets, so at this point I have some 20-some poets wandering around my lodgings – naming them has been its own amusement. It’s sometimes difficult keeping Sandburg from trying to eat Hafiz or Eliot, and Poe absolutely WILL NOT leave Anyidoho or Tannahill alone, but as long as Jeffers is actually doing his job in keeping an eye on them and not off making eyes at Rumi, peace is kept.