A Story Begins...

[li][color=#ffffff]The Flit is never truely dead. Even the most casual of glances will spot the Urchins running between chimney-stacks, rats crossing the long ropes hung between houses, and, if you are particularly sharp-eye, you might spot the tell-tale signs of less innocent parties making their way across the rooftops.

One such party was Rodrick “Snout” Chopski, and unlike the countless others running the rooftops, he was on a very specific mission. A glance over each shoulder, revealing a mess of tousled brown hair and an eyepatch, and then disappearing into a darkened window, he arrived at his destination.

Stepping into the darkened workshop, lit only by the stub of an almost-extinguished Foxfire, he laid the sheaf of papers onto the large table in front of him

“I got tha papers boss. Had to call in an old favor with tha Fishers.”

The figure facing the desk turned towards him. Even after over a year of working for him, Snout still got nervous looking at the face of his boss. Or rather, looking at the bandages of his boss. He knew he wasn’t tomb colonist. At least, he didn’t think he was. He smelled like a normal person for the most part. Weren’t the nearly dead supposed to smell like dust and old books? At least, that’s what Albert told him. And trusting Albert was never a particularly good idea.

“Well done Snout. As always, you’re as punctual as ever.”

Porkins walked forward and opened the bundle of papers. His wrapped fingers carefully unfolded the various pieces of parchment. Snout anxiously watched as the emerald-green eyes of his employer scanned the documents, and would later swear to Burnt End that he saw a hint of a smile in them.

Porkins turned again to his desk, and began sending the letters out to the men and women who would commit the greatest theft in Londons history.

(I am looking for people willing to join me in a collaborative story of sorts. Further details shall be revealed on my discord, as part of the fun is going to be having people guess what the hell we’re doing. Discord )
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edited by LordPorkins on 6/27/2018