A spot of in diocesan intrigue

I seemed to have gotten myself in a spot A spot of in diocesan intrigue. I spoke with the Bishop about his exceedingly ambitious idea and now it seems he is truly going to go through with it. Knowing something of The Duchess I would find her advise most reasonable in not proceeding in this adventure. I’m in a quandary and looking to see if anyone else has any opinions. I am not going along with him in this insanity. I can tell him no or inform The Masters about this insurrection. The Masters are not always terribly rewarding when aiding them. Has anyone else any thoughts as to what might be more fortuitous?

Well, ultimately, it’s your choice - it’s not a story with clear right or wrong endings, and, as it’s Fate-locked content, we can’t tell you very much in detail. I’ll say this much: no given path, as it stands, gives you such a reward that it would be foolish to take any other. Nor do they immediately shift the balance of power. Ultimately, following your own morals is the best way to make a decision. Personally, I refused the Bishop, politely but firmly, and kept the matter to myself.

Morals? All well and good, I suppose, and I do generally respect the Duchess. But I found myself agreeing more with Mr. Huffam, in this case.

Thank you gentlemen. I appreciate the advice. I’m hoping to get my last mark of credit page and possibly shipping out. I wanted to clear up this business before I left. Thanks again.

Sorry to revive a significantly dead thread, but I’ve only just got up to BiDI 5 myself, & before I do anything rash - does betraying the Bishop lock you out of his breeding program afterwards? I’ve just traded in all of the Empyrean beasties for a Bifurcated Owl & not yet replaced them, and I’d hate to not be able to get them back again by jumping into this resolution too quickly.

No, that doesn’t happen - up until now at least: the Bishop may have some unpleasant things to say to you in the future, but for now you’re safe.
Though your decision will lock/unlock a special destiny for you on Hallowmas/Christmas/False-Summer and the like.
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Many thanks, though after a devil/tiger combo sent me on a brief boatride, the card is no longer in my hand for now anyway. Restoring my Neathy menagerie can be my highest priority once more! Good to know that I’m not going to shoot myself in the foot, at least. Thanks.

Once you decide, does the story end? Or is there something I’m missing?

That’s the end for now.

Is it normal that…

[spoiler]…the Bringer of Death quality gets such a ridiculous boost? I was a bit proud of how high I had managed to get it, and that arbitrary thousands-of-cp influx absolutely obscured my brutal decisions in the Flit, in the Great Game, in the Iron Republic, leaving no mechanical trace of that blood crusting his hands on my character…

That’s also normal. I was surprised by it too, for the opposite reason.

Does the Hound of Heaven come up at all? I have one and was going to turn it in, but I just hit BIDI 5 recently and will feel quite foolish if the Hound unlocks extra options on the story at some point.

I don’t recall the Hound of Heaven playing a role in that storyline. Near the end of the Eater-of-Chains story it does get a use, but not in this one.