a softer neath

a softer world, if you’re not familiar with it, is an online comic that makes use of photography overlaid with snippets of text. a softer neath is a collection of strips remixed to be, well, neathy. I’ve gone on a bit of a spree. Are there any other a softer world fans out there? Do any other strips strike you as particularly neathy?

The closest thing that comes to mind is Digger, by Ursula Vernon. But to be honest, it’s not really Neathy. It’s whimsical, certainly, and a very cleverly written blend of unconventional mythologies filtered through logic and a sense of humor. And also it has good art, truly diverse cultures for each species, and involves slaying a dead god. Who wouldn’t like that? But yeah, not quite FL’s genre, considering the talking animals. Certainly worth reading, though.

I second the rec for Digger, and would add in the same vein &quotFamily Man&quot. Like Digger it’s not quite Neathly, but has a certian bizarre academia feel that I think would appeal to people who inhabit the Neath. I keep forgetting its title, but there really is only one thing that comes up when you ask Google for (Spinoza werewolf webcomic).[li]
edited by SarahTheEntwife on 3/22/2014

You know, after a reread, I may retract my statement about not-Neathyness. A good portion of Digger’s plot involves going underground, and there’s a male character whose name was, and I quote, &quoteaten&quot.
(Also, talking animals actually are Neathy. What with the cats and rats)

And another rec–for those more inclined toward dreams and Parabola, A Redtail’s Dream would be good. No mirrors, but there’s plenty of wandering through dreams. And figures from Finnish mythology.
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Thirding the rec for Digger, and to mention that Ursula Vernon has created the first part of a story on StoryNexus: Cryptic Stitching, which I found to be very enjoyable, although regrettably unfinished.