A Slow Day - how slow is it?

Haven’t see the storylet &quotA Slow Day&quot
Is this related to the change in persuasion? Is it an indicator I picked the wrong option when faced with the Making you name storylet? Is it a bug?

As that storylet is related to Carving out a Reputation at Court, and by extension the continuation of the main Persuasive storyline, I believe it’s safe to assume that one may have been retired. (It previously required Persuasive 90.)

Alternately, perhaps there is an equivalent story you should be looking for - something with A Name Signed with a Flourish 6 or thereabouts?

Failing that, have you encountered the Acclaimed Beauty and the Barbed Wit? If you’ve not progressed terribly far with those two, perhaps get to know them a bit more intimately… ^_^

“A slow day” now requires you to have A Name Signed with a Flourish of exactly 6. If you have 7, you’re exiled from court; if you have 5, you need to “Attend to matters of romance” and conclude an affair with the Barbed Wit or the Acclaimed Beauty; and if you have less than 5, you’re not supposed to have access to Court yet (although I guess it is still possible at some expense, via gossip with the Bohemian Sculptress…)

Ah, I have a Name Signed with a Flourish of 5. Thanks. I will go write some letters, pay attention to fashion, attend a dance and set my sights on one of the fine people at court

I actually raised a report on this on entering The Empress’ Court (for the very first time) and not being able to begin work on my opus.

Reply was to the effect that this was actually higher level content than NSwaF 5 would equate to, but this is changing as part of the overhaul anyway.

I can confirm that A Slow Day should appear at NSwaF 5 for you, as I finished my first symphony earlier today.

Yup, “A Slow Day” now has no unlock requirements other than that you must not be “Carving out a Reputation” already, and of course you have to be able to get into Court.