A slow boat on a river

I was wondering if dying multiple times could have any accumulating bad effect (other than the boatman becoming good at chess)
lately I was considering that the most effective way to reduce my wounds (I have only recently become a POSI), but this time I’m getting more and more cards &quotyou could just give up&quot or &quotwhat can you see of the far bank&quot. is the frequency of those bad cards raising as I die, or is it just the RNG being particularly uncooperative this time?
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If you manage to push your “The Boatman’s Opponent” stat all the way up to 40, the Chess game gives you Extraordinary Implications on a success… and Nightmares increase no matter whether you succeed or fail. I now have this habit of going straight from the River to the Royal Bethlehem Hotel :(

The frequency of those cards probably actually decreases as you unlock more useful cards, actually. (Also: don’t be peckish when you die. Or ever. It will end badly for you.)

Generally your best bet is to just hold them in your hand so you can’t draw them again.

Or, you know, once you have the Boatman’s Opponent at 40 use the give up card to lower your nightmares and play even more chess

(although if you stop just BEFORE 10, a cheery goldfish and a bejeweled cane will keep you sane enough to get your affairs in order before hopping through your mirror.)
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blader4411, thanks for the information, it’s indeed interesting ;)
WormApotheose, thank you very much, I didn’t thought about the trick of keeping them in hand! and about the peckish thing too, though now I would rather like to test it, even though I’ll probably regret it as you say :p

my alt has the peckish quality at 10 because of a certain starvling cat storylet in flit. it’s not so bad… though you should avoid very clearly stated SMEN options, which are still locked i think.

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What is SMEN? What did you say I should do with it?

Seeking Mr. Eaten’s Name; it’s a storyline that’s extremely punishing and not currently active, so you can ignore it for now. Peckish doesn’t really do much without SMEN, though I don’t think I’d pay to lower it, either, so.

If you have a three card lodging, the peckish card + the give up card + look at the far shore card will mean you have to discard one, so you’d need a four card lodging or higher to hold onto all of them and stop them from wasting your draws, hence trying to not have it around, but a lot of wound lowering cards also lower peckish so.

Thank you for the advice :)