A setting-based wiki?

Popped the channel open in babelfishwars’ widget for now. It’s more convenient until I have time to look for a client I’m happy with:)

Popped open the google doc and I have a few potential pages on my list that I don’t see on yours. You’ve asked us not to add anything to the list just yet, so I’ll wait :)

One thing I do want to ask: should the page be named &quotThe Manager of the Royal Beth&quot or &quotThe Merry Gentleman&quot? I would think the latter is a more well-known monicker for this individual.
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This is probably a silly question, but an irc is just a chat room, right? (not that I’ve ever seen one of those either)[li]

The Internet Relay Chat, better known as IRC, is the original chat room :D Or, more accurately, a chat mansion with lots of individual rooms, better known as channels. Each channel is named with a # [pronounced pound; it is not a hashtag] – in this case, we have two: #fallenlondon and #sunlesssea. The link provided above automatically places you in the #fallenlondon channel.

Thanks! (The starveling chat! The starveling chat! Ohh I never noticed you could tab over to the other one–and here I believe the similarities end; a good english cat would probably claw my gizzards out for clicking on it.) [li]

Okay, there’s one page not on the list that I think really needs to be added: London Street Sign. Aside from mentioning that the object itself is contraband, it’s a great place to explain the fact that the Masters do not like maps [and a spoiler-free version of why], and how the names of [virtually] every location in Fallen London have changed from their unfallen days. I’ve been chewing over a passage on the Veilgarden page to explain that, and realizing I’d need to explain it again on every location page for which we know the real-world counterpart, when I realized we could solve the matter with a single page and a link.

Actually… while I still think London Street Signs should get their own page eventually, and yes, it should contain mention of the Masters’ renaming of the entire city and their banning of all maps… there’s a better way to handle the information on each district’s page. At least, once the wiki goes live. At that point, we can make a template called prefall. Let’s say I input {{prefall|Marylebone}}, it can then output: &quotVisitors from the [[Surface]] should be advised never to call the district “Marylebone”. The Masters would be displeased.&quot Sound good?

One more question for the bosslady: do we have any ideas at all yet which if either wiki we may end up adding on to? I don’t want to do anything more than just short blurbs for each page until we have a better idea about what we’re linking into. If it’s entirely our own thing – and honestly, I recommend that; otherwise, pages on primarily-Sunless-Sea concepts are going to feel kinda out of place – then we don’t need to worry about what pre-existing pages we’re linking to or how they’re set up. The wikidot wiki does things very differently from the wikia wiki, after all.
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Any updates on this project, or links to where I can view it?

EDIT: Found the link hidden in a quote on the last page. Is editing still encouraged, or is this project unlikely to be revived?
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Should I create an FL/SS lore wiki right now, since I like wiki writing/editing and nobody else seems to have made one? As with the unofficial game wikis, it will be hosted by Wikia. And as lostdrewid suggested, I plan to call it The Fifth City.

You can find the link I mentioned — it has some content already, though not much from the looks of it.

I recommend a similar approach — planning the layout, limiting the initial project to certain articles, letting people reserve articles. Better to start slow and let it expand later, rather than realize later that you need to overhaul 1,000 pages.

I would contribute. I probably shouldn’t spend too much time on it… but I might anyway.

I found the link and enjoyed reading the content I’m not so familiar with. It’s pretty cool!
I just created the wiki: thefifthcity.wikia.com. I just don’t know if I can turn over ownership if that (for some reason) becomes necessary.
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