A season of Exceptional Stories: Heart's Blood

For a second there I thought of Raymond Chandler but then saw this art of murder isn’t simple…

Genius!! I really hope it has a criminally insane Penguin villain!

‘No honey Gromit! Not a bit in the house!’

[quote=Màiread]It’s the wrong trousers, Gromit!

Also, the themed story thing looks great. I can’t wait to get started on Flint once Sackmas has passed.[/quote]

Oh, man, that’d be great - I love The Set, and would adore to see more of them. (Sorry, NB - I sided with the Poet over the Modiste despite or perhaps because of the fact that she tattooed something obscene on my trousery area.)

I did the Flint story, but I fear I did the wrong thing by surrendering the item to the person who commissioned the trip. Is there any way to reacquire it?

You may not have actually lost it. You should still have the item you’ll need to combine with the others for the big seasonal story reward(s). I seem to recall the text mentioning you giving what was asked for over, but the relevant/important item stays in your inventory.

@Manu Traveler: De Quincey died in '59, so not many years before London fell. His Society should still be around.
And interested parties may read the essay here: Readbookonline.net (it is, incidentally, hilarious)

– Mal
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Any reference to the Saw series of movies?

Nothing says &quotrefined taste&quot like an orangutan with a straight-razor screaming in tongues!

Maybe I’m missing something. Where do we &quotBegin Flint&quot before December 31st? I’ve looked all around London and cannot find the start of this exceptional story.

The &quotArt&quot of Murder?
Clearly the Bellicose Prince, the horse sized grub that he is, has turned to murder most foul!

I don’t know. Did the Empress have a kid named &quotScience?&quot

[quote=Nigel Overstreet]The &quotArt&quot of Murder?
Clearly the Bellicose Prince, the horse sized grub that he is, has turned to murder most foul![/quote]
More likely the Repentant Forger, overwhelmed by turpentine fumes and unruhe from stripping so many layers away from black canvases, has devolved into homicidal mania.

Which is apparently much less illicit than forgery in London these days…

I don’t know. Did the Empress have a kid named &quotScience?&quot[/quote]
I’m thinking it involves the Professor Denunciata making some surreptitious and unsolicited modifications to someone’s Ratwork Velocipede.

Dangit, I just missed the cutoff time for subscription to begin the Flint story. This month’s exceptional story wasn’t too bad, but I do wonder what I’m missing.

D__n, hard luck. Flint is a really great Exceptional Story, especially with its ties to Sunless Sea.

so i finished art of murder, and i didn’t get anything unique. I got a Night Whisper at the end, which is quite nice and uncommon, but it’s not unique, they can be gotten in a few other ways.

did i miss something?

Exceptional Stories rarely give something unique, though this time we got a Vial of Murderer’s Blood pretty early on into the story.

Well, unless you count the story participation marker, which might be useful in the future.

True, every story gives a unique quality which may or may not be reflected later down the line.

It felt strange that this season’s stories circled around a character that I never met in person. Flint II & Art of Murder even looked like they were leading to him, but he never showed. I’m hoping the upcoming “snippet” gives us a glimpse, even if it’s not a full denouement.