A Searing Mark

So I got my first ink today. Also Paul does some hella art.

Looks great. And I’m guessing the red doesn’t fade.

…what symbol is that again?

The Correspondence symbol for “The Correspondence symbol for The Correspondence”, effectively? ;)

ETA: looking it up, it’s … “Merch keychain”?
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That’s the sigil for “forever hurtling towards the earth”*, and very nicely done, too!

  • Alternate translations suggested by scholars include “the second circle of Hell”, “the pursuit of knowledge for its own sake” and “the orbit of the moon.”

That is fantastic. I’m just wondering if there’s a list of correspondence sigils and their translations anywhere, so others such as myself could get a different correspondence tattoo?

I’m afraid there’s no paired list of meanings and sigils, as we only know definitively the meanings of two of them, this one, and one that someone else has already gotten inked. Mine is the third piece of Paul’s art tattooed, and either the second or third correspondence sigil depending on what Alexis’ actually is.

And yeah, the red is part of the tattoo, not just inflammation.

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