A Scholar of the Correspondence - why and how?

Spending time at the University lately, I’ve taken the time out to work on my scholarship… a slow slog, unfortunately. Getting ASotC up to level 3 is easy, of course - a few trips to the Carnival, and you’re there. But beyond that, things seem to get… problematic.

Now, my current method is ‘doing some actual research’ at the University, but I’m already aware that as soon as I move on with the main University storyline, I’ll loose access to that. Are there other reliably grindable sources of advancement in ASotC later on? Or does it become entirely reliant on odd Opportunities? I’ve tried to scour the wiki, but it’s hard to figure out which options are repeatable. Several likely prospects - such as Seeking Curios, etc., in the Forgotten Quarters - seems to top out at Level 7, too.

A final question, however, is… why? I’m mostly doing this because I find the Correspondence intriguing, and enjoy the pursuit of knowledge for its own sake, but… what use is there for a high level of Scholarship? The wiki shows a looooong list of options that require it, but… basically all of them only needs ONE level, or three at most. Is it actually worthwhile to max it out, or does levels of it become pointless after a certain threshold?

There is a shadowy dealings option at the University that has an option that let’s you spend Correspondence plaques to gain CP in ASotC. As for why… Why not?

Oh! I forgot that… that IS a reliable method, huh? Seems like it could get REALLY expensive after a while, though, so I’m still interested in alternatives…

It’s the only way to get it up above 10. To get it up to 10 you can compose Symphonies in the Empress’ Court.

Correspondence-symphonies? Now that sounds interesting… is that an endlessly-repeatable option, or can you only do that a certain number of times before you’re forced to proceed with the storyline, eventually ruining your reputation at court and being banished to the Tomb-Colonies?

It’s endlessly repeatable. You can refuse the Veteran Privy Counsellor over and over again to continue your business at the Empress’ Court.

Ah, gotcha… that’s a load off my mind. I want to try each and every one of the possible compositions at court, so I wasn’t sure if I’d even be ABLE to do repeats…