A scarlet saint

I have just finished up getting my connected:hell and church to 75, and once I sell my soul again I’ll have the 12 hedonist. I can use the god’s editors card to get my austere to 10, but I’m having trouble finding a source of austere that goes above 12, while not lowering my hedonist. I vaguely recall something about the iron republic, does anyone know if that still works?

Try this thread: http://community.failbettergames.com/topic20233-reaching-scarlet-saint.aspx?Page=4

– Mal

The iron republic does still work. I’ve just recently used it to raise my Austere to 12.
The best part is, it can be done in one single loop of the Iron republic. Here’s a link to a map on how to.


This is a useful guide for preparing for the trip as well. You want some qualities to be high going in, lest the trip take a huge amount of actions.

Could you provide more detail on the hedonist soul selling to break past 12?

There is another path then the iron replublic to break austiere past 12, if you area dive, rob the box, and then drop it in the river, that should work.

I believe that option decreases Hedonist but I may be wrong.

Dumping the box into the river does indeed lower Hedonist now.

I /might/ be trying it in the wrong days but Iron Republic is giving me

“hedonist is above 9” now where it should be letting me get to 12.

Houston, we’ve got a problem.

That was changed a little while back. There are very few ways to raise Hedonist above 10 now, and many of them get locked out as you progress.

looks like ALL of them get locked out.

Shame really.

There are options during the Feast of the Exceptional Rose that don’t get locked out; you could wait until then. There are also some Fate-locked options.