A Scandalous Return

Whilst haggling for Whispering Silk near the docksides of far Polythreme… well. Let’s just say, things got said, tempers got heated, it all went a bit wrong, and now people are really starting to talk. Scurrilous, all of it, but nevertheless as soon as I pull back into Wolfstack I expect I’ll instantly have to set off once again for the Tomb Colonies, before those jackals from the Gazette swarm the gangplank and start asking awkward questions.

Would any of you kind, respectable, and above all else, understanding compatriots have any advice for a gentleperson of mysterious & indistinct gender in this predicament?

I believe Nikolas & Sons provide an Ablution Absolution for exactly that sort of situation, available for a bargain 1.50 Echoes at your local Bazaar today!

Indeed they do, those Gentlesirs of commerce. I shall need to set zail before the dratted thing shall stop screaming enough for me to take it, however. Might I impose a further question upon you, however, in that am I correct in my supposition that it increases one of your other Menaces in return for this absolution? If it be my wounds (also perilously high), than all shall be well as I have little fear of acquainting myself with the Boatman once more; yet be it my nightmares (the night-terrors have been troublesome indeed, of late), then I shall take more umbrage. The Thunder has been speaking to me more and more as I pass the veil of sleep, & I’d be quite wrath to lose progress in this endeavour!

It doesn’t increase any menaces, thankfully. Laudanum is the only one that does that.

Well then, my reputation is saved! I shall return to London victorious, to be spat on & avoided on the streets, but not quite ill-regarded enough to necessitate a convalescence on greyer shores!

My sincerest thanks.

One might wish to acquire Memories of Light, through the burning of a certain wax and the use of a certain glowing insect. We won’t spoil the result, but, suffice it to say, all your dreams but those relating to mirrors will be safe.

You’re referring to the Mirror Marches? blinks I hadn’t realised the place reserved your progress in Dreams; in fact Id been specifically fearing visiting the place just because of the cost of a hard-won Memory of Light…

You lose a little progress in Is Someone There?, but the other dreams are safe.

My personal advice would be to spend some time in the Iron Republic on the way home. It has a way of fine-tuning your madness.

I sincerely wish to, the most recent lead of my Ambition points me there, but sadly I’m yet to obtain safe conduct. Still require those d----d elusive Mark of Credit Pages…

If you have problems with the approach of death or madness while at Zee and do not, or cannot, visit the Iron Republic I advise spending some time with the charming sisters at Hunter’s Keep.