A Repository for World Ideas?

Could we have a thread that serve as a repository for World ideas? I have some ideas for a World or two but my programming and storytelling skills are nearly nil nor do I have enough time to spare. So I’m thinking that maybe people like me could post their ideas somewhere for the more able to view and consider?

Anyway, if this is not allowed or that such threads already exist (please tell me where…) then by all means just ignore or delete this post.

I don’t speak for FBG, but I can’t see how this would violate any forum rules. I’d suggest you just go ahead and start a thread. A moderator can always move it if they think it belongs in a different place (or conversely, can pin it if they think it’s a great idea).

One thing to think about first: How would you feel if someone ran with your idea for a world, and (eventually) made money out of it? If you’d be happy for them, that’s great! But if it’s a really good idea and you want to protect it, then posting it in public probably isn’t a great plan.


I know what you mean. There should be a warning or disclaimer that all ideas posted are fair game and not copyright protected and what not. Actually, by ideas I mean somewhere along the lines of “Won’t it be great if there is a storynexus game about/plays like X?” instead of a planned out grand scheme or something.

That said, there doesn’t seem to be much interest though. So maybe just forget about it, lol.

A couple of people have posted “Will this work for a world” ideas with rather elaborate treatments. Most of these seem to be looking for support and validation…the usual responses are “sounds great! build it!”

I think the major reason is that anyone who has the time and wherewithal to actually build an entire world is deep in the throes of actually building one and isn’t in a place to start a completely new one. As far as stealing ideas…that happens a bit because Storynexus concepts sort of overlap. We’re all cribbing from Fallen London to an extent, and there’s only so many ways to make a combat system…nearly every game will include a stat grind of some type…etc.

Something that might be more productive if you don’t feel you can build a full world is a thread for “World-Builder Seeking Same” collaboration type of thread. You may wish to try to begin your game, and then solicit someone to help you. There are probably lots of lurkers who don’t believe they could build an entire game but would love to be part of a team.
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