A Regrettable Blunder

Greetings, all! As you can tell from my fabulously underwhelming avatar, I still haven’t figured out how to get the file size correct for uploading, hah. Anyways, I have a question regarding one of my acquaintances, freshly (and unfortunately) made ex-acquaintance. The Regretful Soldier is the man in question. Recently, I’ve taken to playing Fallen London on my phone. It shows a lot of the screen in one go, but makes reading the text difficult.

Now, only an hour ago, I was juggling coffee in one hand as I pestered the Regretful Soldier to accompany me to the theatre in the other and alas, I couldn’t read the text and got the images for the “Take him to the theatre” and “End this acquaintance” storylets mixed up. Oh dear. You all know where this is going.

This unsavoury turn of events saddens me because I do not wish to end our acquaintance. So frantic was I to reverse the damage once I hit that fated ‘Go’ button that I switched tabs, refreshed and logged out in rapid succession, hoping to ‘cancel’ my error. But no, it wasn’t. And now he’s gone. :( I didn’t even get the chance to see what happened afterwards (I also closed the browser thinking surely that would salvage our friendship).

My question is this: if I accidentally spurned him in this manner, will I ever have the chance to reacquaint myself with him? It took me forever to meet him the first time around and I don’t know if having a past acquaintance that fell through changes anything. Also, I don’t know if the card has a level cut off? I’m way past the 53 Persuasive indicated for a “straightforward” success at his opp card.

I was literally thinking about this the entire train ride home, haha. I appreciate any help in the matter!

(I sure hope I didn’t mess things up… forever)

  1. Try this site.

  2. Yep, you can definitely reacquaint yourself with the Regretful Soldier. I wish you luck in your draws!

Oh, excellent!

Thanks for the reassurance and luck, too. Now I can sleep easier knowing I will be able to earn his favour again. :) Guess I’ll be spending a lot of time in Watchmaker’s Hill again though, d–n it! Oh, the price of forgiveness…