A record of Neathy updates?

Lately there’s been a project I’ve considered: A cataloguing of the Neath’s mysteries by order of &quotdepth.&quot Something I’ve noticed as the game has gone on is that what used to be hidden secrets only teased about have become commonplace knowledge as new mysteries have arrived to take their place. This alongside the gradual learning of the Neath as one advances in stories and stats creates layers to the mysteries much like fossils in the earth.

Organizing stuff by stats is easy enough, the requirements for any given story are public knowledge on the wiki (and I’ll just see them if I go through on an alt, which I will very likely need to do anyway). Of greater concern (and of greater relevance I feel) is WHEN the content was added to the game. This content, was it added when rubbery men were just people with faces of squid? Or when all knew of Axile and how they came to this place? Was parabola just the realm of the occasional madman, and the deeper mysteries merely hinted at by the Glass? Or a frequent vacation spot for exceptional friends?

I doubt I’ll be able to publish this work (I may be able to layer them by name without actually spoiling the content, but the full catalogue of revelations will likely need to remain a secret), assuming I can feasibly finish it in the first place (So many fate options…), but I’d greatly appreciate a list of when things were added, should such a thing exist.

I’m not aware of any detailed records of when content was added, other than the various Fate stories, but if you want to publish the results somewhere the lore wiki would be a good place!