A Rather Quaint Evening

Lord Gazter seated at the far corner of the shop watched the doorway of the establishment. He took another sip from his glass. He had decided that this would be the perfect place to talk. It was a rather discrete place near the Stolen River. It was filled with many disreputable sort, but from where Lord Gazter sat no one could hear him, and the shadows hid him from prying eyes. Lord Gazter waited for his guest to arrive.
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“Gazter.” Eli says irately as he sinks into the seat. “Either you’re the person who called me here or you’re about to have a very unfortunate night. So, which?”

&quotAh there you are friend. I’ve been waiting for half an hour. How do you like this place?&quot Lord Gazter says as he pours a drink into a glass. He slides it over to Eli.
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“You’re lucky it was half an hour. What do you want, Gazter?” Eli downs the glass and slides it back over. Whatever it was, it burns like a fire bottle, but it doesn’t register on Eli’s demeanor.

“I’ve heard things about you Eli. Like your hatred for the masters for example.” Lord Gazter lounges in his seat his cane next to him. “And that you are a fairly dangerous man.” He sips his drink and places it on the table.

“You’d have to be deaf and blind not to hear the tremors. And when there is an earth quakes, the rats and worms try to reclaim the surface.” Eli lights up, clearly annoyed that Gazter would rather make niceties than be professional. “Correctly so. Here you are. What do you want?”

&quotEli. Always pushing away those who would offer to help to you. Would you rather not have my help in the days to come.&quot Lord Gazter smiles with his usual devilish smile.
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“Put yourself in my position. Some stuck up lordling with a prissy title drags me to some hole in the wall and refuses to explain why. Yeah. Tell me what you want, I’m not here to play games.” Eli stands, looking more tired and annoyed than angry.

“Do you want my help or not my friend? That is all I ask.”

“I don’t know. You haven’t offered anything yet.” Eli looks towards the door longingly, checking the broken clock on the wall. He has places to be.

&quotWell I think that I’m a rather good at using words to get people to do things, I have some rather useful friends that I have favors with, and I’m rather useful at finding out information which I think that Flowerdene needs.&quot Lord Gazter pauses. &quotWould you rather me help the other side in this scenario?&quot
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“I think you’re all talk, to be honest.” Eli shakes his head. “You like to make a big stink about how important you are. Haha, if I thought you were working against me, I’d wash you down the drain like a bad fart in the shower. So, make me an offer I cannot refuse and you’ll be rightly rewarded.”

“Well I’m sure that…” Lord Gazter looks over towards the door. Two rather brutish looking gentlemen enter the establishment and appear to be looking for someone. “Don’t look now, but it looks like you’ve been followed my friend.” Lord Gazter whispers to Eli.

Eli grabs the edge of the table and throws it up towards Gazter, the other hand reaching for his blade. “I’m going to skin you alive for this, suka.”

Lord Gazter dodges the table and grabs his cane. &quotYou think that I sent them here?&quot Lord Gazter asks shocked. &quotFollow me if you don’t want to be caught. I know a way out of here.&quot Lord Gazter rushes for a side door.
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“You aren’t going anywhere on your own legs!” Eli barrels toward Gazter, blade keening. His overwatch has already engaged the two thugs at the front of the building.

Emblem appears from the bustle of the crowds quick as a wink, rushing to Eli’s side, but the tails are in her way.

Lord Gazter goes through the side door into the nearby alleyway.

Eli bolts after him, knocking a very confused poissonier and a bar table laden with poker chip out of his path. “Don’t make me chase you!”

Eli runs over all the routes to and from the lower and higher rooftops, and how one might get to the Flit. His building hopping days are past him, but he is far from rusty.

Lord Gazter’s path leads to a darkened alleyway where several armed men block both routes of escape. They charge Eli.

Eli manages to give one the slip, weaving under his grasping arms, but the other catches his square in the chest.

Allowing the man’s weight to pass with him, Eli pivots so that when the blade comes whistling towards his face, the attacker is off balance already. A toss and a twist and both are behind him, to deal with a very angry Emblem, who has already dispatched the first two.

Eli is back in the chase, losing about five or six seconds of ground in the tussle, but Emblem is going to be busy with the thugs for a while.