A random tattoo

I got a random tattoo because, by Jove, aren’t we our truest selves when we are drunk? But I was counting on what it said, that I would get a bizarre tattoo, not a dreaded one. But I seem to have received &quotthe shadow&quot, a dreaded tattoo. I know I can pay 50 fate to change it, but I’m disappointed that it was not in fact a bizarre tattoo as I was led to believe it would be. I wouldn’t have done the random tattoo if that hadn’t been specified. Anyone else end up with a dreaded tattoo?
edited by Tanaquil on 3/28/2014
edited by Tanaquil on 3/28/2014

You can get any of the Tattoos through the random option. It’s only not working as stated if it actually set your Dreaded to 1 instead of Bizarre.

The stat bonus given by the tattoo is always a point of Bizarre, but the actual tattoo you get can be any of the listed designs (except for Mr Eaten’s Name)

Oh I see! I didn’t even think to check my actual stats - I have a bunch of bonuses to both so I would have had to add them up. That’s wonderful news then!