A Quick question about Masquing

Apologies if this has been answered elsewhere. My search-fu is weak.

Can Masquing be hoarded until next year, in order to save up for the more expensive companions? Or is it a &quotuse it or lose it&quot proposition?

It turns into making waves at the end of the feast.

Thanks for the response.

If that’s the case how does anyone ever get the 80 or 100 Masquing companions?

Not possible without fate gifts.

It turns to MW after the Feast is over at your first TtH visit. So it’s best to get some Stolen Kisses out of it.
30+ Masquing can be obtained only via Fate and give at most 1 Masquing for 1 Fate. You can get to 30 via regular ones so you can see that the 100 Masquing companions really require at least 70 Fate. For some there are cheaper alternatives!

Okay. Thanks, everyone!