A question to Opera users

I’ve never had any problems playing the game on Opera, my favourite browser. Since a few days though, the site simply won’t load.
Now, I’ve already reported this to ebbugs@failbettergames.com, but I’d just like to know if anyone has encountered similar problems.
NB, I’ve already tried clearing cache and cookies, it didn’t help.

I haven’t tried it in Opera, but I’m having issues with it in Chrome. With me, the site tries to load, but after a few seconds goes to a completely white screen. Not sure if you’re having the same problem, but this is what I reported.

[color=rgb(51, 0, 153)]Are you using a bookmark to reach the site? Try a clean load.[/color]

The white screen is something that happens to me in Safari as well. I talked to Chris Gardiner about it, he said they were working on it. It used to be a lot worse, the site would be inaccessible for hours. Now it just happens every once in a while on the gap/load page and is fixed by a quick refresh.

I think I’ve hit upon a solution for the white screen, and I thank Alys Indigo for bringing it up. I don’t know about anyone else, but I’d bookmarked the landing page (Fallen London) for the game. Going through this bookmark is what was causing the problem. I have since switched my bookmark to the sign-in page (Fallen London) and can access the game with no difficulties.

I don’t know if this solution will help anyone else, but I wanted to bring it up just in case.

My problem fixed itself apparently… computers are funny things. :)
edited by Rupho Schartenhauer on 3/24/2015