A question to fellow players of the marvelous

How can I lower the quality of the simian revenge? Thank you kindly my good sirs (or ma’ams)

Once you need to lower it you’ll have an option to do so. It will be expensive.

My humble recommendations would be to not peeve your simian friend too much. Later on, you’ll have to soothe him with a rather absurd amount of items. Unless you are dangerous enough to intimate him into submission. There are much more profitable means of acquiring coins besides him looking for them, anyways.

I sincerely hope you mean intimidate. Using &quotintimate&quot led to rather … disturbing images popping into my head.[li]

Sadly, my quality is of 6 with the simian, and what level in dangerous do I need?

Oh, **** that’s high. (Mine was only ~1.5) I seem to remember that it was locked at Dangerous 90, too.[li]

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Indeed, it is a bad situation, better to raise my dangerous soon

If you are in need of coins there is no need to molest your monkey, drop me a line and I will be glad to send you a bunch or two.
I didn’t manage to anger my simian friend more then 2, hope his revenge isn’t too dire.

If you don’t have Dangerous 90, then prepare lots and lots of Honey.

The thing is, I already got my coins. Hugh, how much honey would I need to placate a revenge cuality of 6? And where can I procure honey quickly?

Good lord! The scandal! My sincerest apologies, friends. That damnable auto-correct can bring even the mightiest to their knees!

I believe the Empress’ Court has an option that nets a good amount of honey (45 / action).

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Zee: What would be the name of this card if you are so kind as to answer?

You would be looking for the “Corruption of Youth”, joining those young decadent folks on a picnic trip. Ah, the honey dreams I have enjoyed with many a young body beside me …

Hmm, what persuasive is required?

According to wiki sources, Persuasive 85 in the Empress’ Court.

Hmmm, ok. Thanks, need to get my persuasive up by 19 grr. Thank you all for your kind help. I’ll either drown that monkey in honey or make him have a heart attack >.>

If you run into the honey hurdle and feel you need to pass it before then, try racing across the Flit. Not as much honey (36/action), but it only needs Shadowy 65-79.

Hmm ok, thank you

. . . I thought it would be entertaining to ignore all these warnings and find out for myself what you were all cryptically referring too.

. . . Good GOD that is a lot of honey.