A question of the Soul

So say I were to hypothetically consider retrieving my soul before I began Seeking The Name (where I understand there is a chance to regain it, at no small cost). When I first sold it off, I chose not to retrieve it through the opportunity card because I couldn’t afford the nex. Is there some way to draw that opportunity card (&quotWhere’s my soul?&quot) again? I’m willing to part with the nex this time around, if only for curiosity’s sake.

On a semi-unrelated note, if I gain the Trickster Profession through the Connected: Devils card and then were to sacrifice large amounts of that Connected quality afterward (by, perhaps, seeking to regain my soul), would I then lose that Profession as a result?

The card will indeed turn up again. Additionally, the only way to lose a Profession is to quit it using the Write Letters storylet in your Lodgings. No need to worry about losing it over lack of connections or Notability.

Seeking is still on hiatus but you will need your soul to play certain opportunities when it comes back. You cannot stain what you do not have :)

As for regaining your souls the card should keep turning up but, as far as I can tell, it doesn’t turn up very often. Usual looking for a particular card tactics are to turn cards in places that don’t have location specific cards - Forgotten Quarter, Labyrinth of Tigers. Dispose of any pets with cards and trim your connections so that you don’t get those cards either.

But there is a chance of getting it back for free in a Bundle of Oddities- best advice on that is to Have Fun with the Fisher Kings in the Flit as the bundle value on that is more likely to turn up the necessary reward.

As far as I know the only way to lose your profession is to choose the option to remove it at your lodgings. Your connected level has nothing to do with it once you have made your choice.

Thanks to you both for your speedy and helpful replies :D

I was able to retrieve my soul this Hallowmas, much to my very, very pleasant surprise. Utterly unexpected. So, don’t toss away the Hallowmas visitor card when it appears!

P.S.: As a side note, if you are soulless, be sure to do all you can at the University beforehand- some individuals will undoubtedly be more receptive to you once you can claim to have it back in your possession.
edited by Kalixas on 11/11/2014