A question of authorship

I’d very much like to make my character into an author, and I’ve researched just how to go about that, but… I can’t seem to find the ‘work on spec’ option in the Literary Ambitions storylet? I’m at Persuasive 63, so unless both the wikis typoed the Persuasive requirement necessary for it to show up, I think I’m more than ready for it. Unless there’s a cap at which it no longer shows up?

I’m very confused. :c

Somebody correct me if I’m wrong (it’s been a very long time since I left Authorship), but I think the progression storylet comes from an opportunity card. Closest To: Bohemians, if I remember right.

the progression storylet does. i believe it is invisible until you have a certain story rank from the writer’s desk storylet. work on spec exclusively contains mere minor storylets for pittances in early game.

Yes, but advancing to being an author requires an exceptional short story. Which, if I’m not mistaken, is only available through work on spec → writer’s desk? Is there another way to get to the writer’s desk?
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The writer’s desk has it’s own storylet. It’s still in Veilgarden though.
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Yeah, you want The Writer’s Desk: Begin a Work. It’s unlocked with Name Signed with a Flourish 3.

AH. Okay then, that makes sense. I knew I was missing SOMEthing…

If I recall correctly, you spend items to increase progress and the higher your progress the better a story you can create. However each actual story creation option is a Potential check that’s 60% at the level unlocking the option, and if you fail then you get the tier of story one lower instead. As such it may be worth it to increase Potential a lot farther and not risk having to grind it back up from the beginning again.

I think, in fact, the story potential goes all the way down to &quotCompetent&quot if you fail the check, at least that has happened to me when I have tried to sell Thrilling tales. And it must be sold at that level, it cannot be raised again. A substantial loss in echoes, time, and possibly resources.
The good news is that a 60+ potential can be reached only with actions, items are necessary only to improve it from that point. So one can have a 75% chance of selling a Compelling tale with the expenditure only of Actions. (Which hasn’t made much difference to me, as I have only managed to sell 1/3 of my Compelling stories at that level).
With 63 Persuasive, though, you won’t have 100% chances on the Daring edit, but write a few stories and watch your Persuasive climb.

– Mal
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