A question concerning Tutorials

“Welcome, o very delicious, to the Echo Bazaar tutorial! Click on the cards below to begin playing. Don’t worry about making the wrong decisions - this is a safe area.”

This is the message I see on top of my story page, it’s been there for about a week.
I’ve played a pretty heavy amount in that time. I have a 30 watchful, and my other stats average to around 20. I’ve been to every basic location, and I’ve played a few dozen cards.
So I have to wonder, when does the ‘a New Arrival 3’ finally reach zero?

The wiki offers no clues, and searching the forums gives me no leads.

I thank you kind ladies, gentleman, and curious individuals of indistinct gender in advance.

Ah, i know what you mean certainly. For me it was a bit different-i had A new arrival 2 until i almost finished both mahogany hall and university/ Why? because an opportunity to reduce it comes only by opportunity cards and they are hard to come by. With that said i am not sure that the message is related to your quality…

Well, I poked around abit, and it seems that message is only at my lodgings, so perhaps it’s a lodgings based header.

Thanks for the heads up.

You can also get it if you refresh the page you’re on. At least for me, the appearance after I left Newgate the first time has always been rather random.

A Lady travelling

Sounds to me like you’re loading some old data locally. Clearing your browser cache should do the trick.

I feel like this needs to be brought up again, my character a few days ago, recently reduced his “a New Arrival” quality, from 3 to 2, by getting an opportunity card that explained the journal.

I however feel like this is a bit late in the game, since my character has Danger in the 90s and my lowest stat is in the 50s (rest are 60s-70s).

Is the only way to remove this stat by sitting in your lodgings and waiting for an oppertunity card? Because i’ve done so off and on for the last few days, and I find it terribly burdensome! I most certainly am a busy Londoner! One does not entertain company very well in the Smokey Flophouse, and I find it exceedingly dull to dust my furniture, not when theirs a whole city to explore! Devils to dine with, and shiney things to steal!

But I abhore being called a ‘new arrival’, especially when in just a few levels I could ideally be a Person of Some Importance.

Does anyone know anything about this? Should i bug report this? Or, what?