A question concerning Rubbery Men

How do I become In Possession of A Peculiar Personal Enhancement? Any of the following: A Fading Nub, A Roiling Mass, A Quivering Addition or An Alarming Adornment. [li]

First you must find the way to Flute Street. And then, if you are incredibly fated, their rubbery machines can enhance you.

And by incredibly fated, I mean it is a 100 fate storylet.

Also, a word of warning, which although it’s slight spoilers I feel is needed before you go for this: Those 4 descriptions are various levels of the quality, which starts at the highest and goes down as you use any storylet that uses it. That said, I’m fairly certain you can access all the options that require it with only one payment, just don’t go and use an option multiple times.

Understood. Thanks Gentlemen :)[li]

Another question - if I exhaust my enhancement quality through usage in non-fate storylets, like the rubbery man bearing gifts, will my boneless consort leave me?

I don’t believe so.