A question concerning Fedduci's Favour

Is it Possible to obtain Feducci’s Lance without using Fate?

Yes if you forego every other use of confessions.

At current exchange rates you’d also need to get two confessions using Notability. But it’s possible that using the higher conversion rates next week you might be able to do it just with the 13 free confessions.

ETA: In fact, you will almost certainly be able to get it next week without notability. If the increase in Feducci’s Boon is even only by 1 (to 5 per confession) then 13 confessions would give you 65 Feducci’s Boon
edited by genesis on 10/26/2017

Much appreciated, i was worried that it isn’t possible and thats comforting to hear that i can

If I have already spent a number of my confessions (4 to be precise) do you think it will still be possible? I will likely be able to acquire 2-3 notability confessions.

It depends how much the second week confessions are worth, one must suppose. If you were to swap all your confessions for those, perhaps you’d be able to obtain it.[li]

I imagine so. You have 9 confessions left. At conversion rate of 5 boon/confession you’d have 45 boon, needing 15 more boon. If you say you can get 3 more confessions with notability then you’d be set.

If the conversion rate is higher than 5 then obviously it’d be easier.