A question about the journal

A very rookie question indeed.

I’ve been scribbling and scrabbling on my journal about the various mysteries, questions, and even answers that I meet on my ventures. However, ever since I last put my pen and paper down… I cannot find it anymore for the life of me. Possibly a rat, I cannot say for sure.
Is there any chance that I will find it again?

translation: where do I access my journal, if I even can? I looked everywhere, every menu, including the help menu, I’ve even searched in google, and I cannot possibly locate where this journal is.

It’s on your player profile. Look under the “Myself” tab and underneath your mantelpiece item and quality, there’s a button to “View [Your] Profile”.

Ah, I see. I did try that option too but they appear to be having some problems with their servers/databases, and thus I decided to simply ask here rather than wait for what could be nothing. Thank you.

That’s odd. My profile is working fine. What’s your character name?

Damjan &quotDoomjoon&quot Trpimirovich (not my rl name)

On the other hand, other people’s journals do seem to work.

I’m guessing this has something to do with the quotation marks being passed as ampersand-then-‘quot’ without an escape character.

Well, I’ll just try contacting them about it.

edit: they responded, hopefully it will be fixed in the next patch. Thank you everyone.
edited by Doomjoon on 7/22/2015