A question about Notability

Alright so im grinding Notability for these fabled new professions. The thing im wondering is, How does Notability work? I got my first point rather easily with 7 waves and 18 RDB but on my next one i had 8 waves and it was a 48% making waves challenge. How does Notability scale with each level and what is a good way to grind it? Thanks it advance![li]

The level of the challenge goes up by 6 for each point of notability you already have, so to get the same odds that you had last time you need to grind approximately 6 more levels of MW.

However, the sum of your Bizarre, Dreaded, and Respectable levels is subtracted from the challenge, so equipping an optimal set of BDR items is equivalent to quite a few levels of MW.

The wiki has a page with the full equation. Just keep in mind that when your MW is equal to the challenge level the odds are 60%, not straightforward.

Interesting. So what’s the optimal way to grind it?

I have MW at 4, a meager 13 points of BDR, and am still quite a few echoes away from an orphanage. So personally I’m going to be rat-catching for a while yet before I set my sights on another profession.

As I understand it, though, the optimal way to grind MW is to get a full set of BDR gear and then advance your scheme: orphanage/salon and cash it out for a huge MW boost, with any extra actions going towards private supper social actions.

Also, if you have access to the Empress’ Court, the Life of the Mind storylets give 1 CP of Making Waves per action. Not a whole lot of it, but it’s guaranteed and repeatable ^^

Sadly im banned from there.[li]

Sadly im banned from there.[/quote]

Well, then you can rely on Dinner invites. You can find an extensive library of contacts in the Find Partners thread in the Singing Mandrake section of the forum - and I’m usually always eager to accept invites, though currently all of my actions are devoted to answering Confessions and issuing them ^^