A Question about Mr Sacks

So I am currently seeking for the Name and my opportunity deck is therefore filled with UP cards. My Experiencing Strange Times : Twelve Days of Mr Sacks is at 1. I have Put the Pieces together : the Taste of Lacre at 7 and I would very much like to visit Penstock’s Wicket this year. Will I still be able to at this point ?

Edit : I forgot to mention that the Mr Sacks cards did not show up despite me trying to trim through the UPs.
edited by Anvil on 1/6/2018

The wicket remains open until late January - the cards have an increasingly high frequency, so you should still have time to draw them (you need to finish Mr Sacks to enter the wicket). If you’re really struggling I’d suggest zeroing your UP for now & drawing cards in the forgotten quarter, using a remote address if you have it. The cards will come eventually.