a question about hallowmas

is the maximum amount of confession one can get is 12?

Nope, you can theoretically get unlimited confessions.

Exactly 13 were given out for free this year. Additional ones can be purchased for either 8 Notability or 15 Fate (on the Hallowmas: No Secret is Safe storylet), and the only limit there is how much notability you can grind and how much real-life money you are willing to spend on Fate.

I see, so i think i have a problem because i only obtained 12 confession for free this year, what can i do to confirm this so i can report this bug?

I’m pretty sure they’re giving out the last free confession tomorrow.

I don’t think so, we’ve already gotten the promised 13.

13 were promised, 13 were given.

Clearly I miscounted then, so never mind!

There were 2 on the first Monday, then one a day including through the weekend, ending last Friday.

i contacted the support, now i wait for an answer