A question about fate locked home comforts.

I was recently gifted with a tidy sum of fate and was looking on good permanent features to spend it on. While browsing the wiki I noticed that a handful of fate locked home comforts provide a BDR boost; considering my interest and struggles with Notability, I have taken an interest in acquiring one of these home comforts. (Note: I am working towards the midnighter profession as a stop gap meassure, however I am not fond of this particular branch of work and would like to change if I can get a suitable replacement for its item) There is only one problem: I don’t know where to start or what fate locked Storylet unlocks one of these items. (Note: After doing doing further research I have found out that at least some of these are event only Fate locked content)

So in short: What, if any non event Fate locked stories provide one of these home comforts? And how much fate does it cost to pursue?

Hm. The wiki is actually missing a home comfort, which is visible on my profile.

I’m afraid your options are very limited. The paintings are all not available right now, and probably will remain so for some time, as they were rewards for the Sunless Sea kickstarter. I’d love for those rewards (and the Silver Tree ones) to be available from the Nex store, but I doubt that that will happen any time soon.
That leaves the shark, the paperweight, and ‘probably a coincidence’. All three items come from the same source, the incarnadine robe. You can get that robe several times, and each one allows you to chose a master who will give you a gift (there are a variety of masters you can choose, only three are BDR home comforts).

There’s only one way to get that robe outside of Sacksmas, it costs 50 fate (although it does give another benefit), and is only available at a certain point of the Cave of the Nadir storyline. If you have already done that, your only other choice is to wait for Sacksmas, and then the cost is 30 fate (again, I seem to recall you get something else, but I don’t recall the full details).[/spoiler]

Thanks. I guess Ill wait for Sackmass then, I have my eyes set on the correspondence paper-weight.