A question about Destiny

I fear I may have made a mistake with the destiny choices. I haven’t fully finished it yet and don’t have a destiny yet, but I’m concerned it may be horribly out of character for me and my character. How much impact does this have on the game and is it possible to change?

As it is, it just acts like another piece of equipment, thought that may change in the future. Probably not soon though.
You can change it by paying fate and asking the drownies again or at any place you can get destinies.
edited by suinicide on 8/21/2015
edited by suinicide on 8/21/2015

You can change it three times a year, currently: now, around halloween, and around christmas. As suinicide says, you have to pay real-world monies to get the fate to change it.

The only thing currently affected by waiting is that you can unlock more options by playing through certain storylines.

If you’re cool shelling out Fate to change it later, I’d just go with whatever looks good to you. The Destinies are some of the best writing in the game, and they’re pretty much all great choices.