A query about selecting Ambitions

It’s been quite some time since I began playing Fallen London, and I have since completed as much of the Ambition: Light Fingers storyline as is currently available. I’m considering creating an alternate character to play through some of the other Ambitions (and, hopefully, also Seek Mr Eaten’s Name with that character rather than on my main - when that option once again becomes available.)

Because it’s been quite so long, I can’t remember how I began along this path - and I wanted to be certain before creating a character that I won’t accidentally end up having another with Ambition: Light Fingers.
How are Ambitions determined, and is there a way to pick a specific one? - Or alternately, how best can I ensure that my new character won’t have an Ambition that I’ve already played through? :)
edited by Kittenpox on 6/4/2015

The starting storylet for each ambition is pinned in each starting area (or at least it was when I played). By playing one, you start it and cut off the others. It’s relatively easy to find the one you’re looking for.

Plus, the Ambition storylet in Spite is actually just called “Ambition: Light Fingers!” so hopefully you’ll know not to click on that one :)

Ah, thanks!
Is it a regular story option that I can pick whenever I get there, or is it linked at all to which area I choose to visit first after leaving New Newgate prison? (I figure the former of those two, but I’d rather check first.)

The former.