A query about expectional attributes.

So I recently managed to raise watchful to 200 base, and selected it as my exceptional attribute. Though going through actions, and the wiki i’m not certain what doing that does. What does making a stat your character’s exceptional stat actually do?

It allows you to use notability to increase it further on the unsigned message card, not much else.

For one, it’s like a status thing. An achievement. On the other hand it allows you to become a sort of a tutor to other players - helping them gain a specific skill way faster. Some “specialization” also allow you to do otherwise locked action. (Ex - Slowcake’s Amanuensis card has a thing on it that can only be used by players with the Persuasive mastery.)
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Note that it seems like only the persuasive specialization seems to unlock any other options currently, so there is not much point going for them if you don’t care about anything else(since they consume notability and require expensive items).

There are two things that are common to all of them. First, the ability to use notability to break the level cap for the given stat through the Unsigned Letter card. Second, it lets you adopt a protege which lets you use your free evenings to help level up their stat up to 100. This gives you some second chance items and making waves but is largely a charitable gesture.

There are a few specific uses buried throughout the game like the aforementioned seduction option for those with a Legendary Charisma but these are extremely rare and apart from the charisma options I’m not aware of anything linked to the other specializations.

It’s not a straight story unlock like Charisma, but some people specialize in Watchful because raising it above 200 is relevant to increasing Scholar of the Correspondence. All you get is bragging rights, though.
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ok, that clears it up. Thank you all for your replies.