A profound loathing of fieldwork

I have just yesterday renounced my life of crime as a pickpocket, having learned everything I could from it (71W 73S 78D 78P), and took up what seemed to be the exciting new career of Journalism. However, to my great chagrin, I discovered Journalism required actual work, despite what my colleges assured me. I immediately set out to prove my writing ability to the world through an exceptional short story, so as to join the ranks of Authors, who at least need not leave the house to spin their lies. Today, I have succeeded in that endeavor. I am grinding the necessary Connected: Bohemians as we speak. So I ask? Is there any redeeming quality to this profession of Journalism which so rapidly and profoundly struck me wrong? Is there anything I would be missing by not collecting a single Earnest of Payment as a Journalist? I look forward to the advice of those with greater years.
edited by skinnersboxy on 9/22/2015

You can find all the rewards you get for each profession on this page. I would say go ahead and become an Author unless you really need a resource in the Journalist payment that isn’t also available in the Author payment.