A problem with rats!

Something strange have happened. I returned to my lodgings and found a new storylet there: A bad case of rattus faber. I knew about a gold-bordered storylet in Watchmaker’s Hill about rats in the lunch, but I’d never played it. Then I went to the Hill, and that storylet wasn’t there. My first thought was that someone accidentally triggered it on my computer in my absence while I was logged in. But, when I went to the wiki I found out that you needed a quality called &quotTroubled by vermin&quot for that story to unravel. I checked and there was no such quality among my stories, menaces or anywhere else. So, is this some sort of hacking? Someone’s joke? Or a new step in the evolution of rattus faber (I know some of you would like that! ;))? Does anyone have a similar experience?
edited by Ridiculus Undarke on 5/6/2014

You should be able to tell what the storylet requires on the main screen. Is it unlocked with a certain level of Dangerous now? Is it not unlocked with anything in particular? You could also try playing it to see if this is a new way to get into the Troubled with Vermin content (likely if there’s a Dangerous requirement). If it doesn’t do anything then you ought to submit a bug report.

[color=#C2B280]All is very likely well. The Troubled with Vermin storyline and some other early Dangerous content were recently reworked in a manner comparable to the Courier and Great Game content in Veilgarden, but with a lighter touch.[/color]

I am not afraid of the rats! No! That would be a ridiculous assumption! Let them come! I am prepared.

But, seriously now… The-above-mentioned content has disappeared. There was no requirement for the particular storylet, and when I chose to enter there was only one option, to fight the bandit chief. I suppose it appears when Troubled by Vermin is reduced to zero, and as my quality was already zero, it was the source of confusion.
edited by Ridiculus Undarke on 5/7/2014
edited by Ridiculus Undarke on 5/7/2014

Actually, prior to the rework when your Dangerous was high enough the Bandit Chief would come out to face you regardless of whether you were still neck deep in rats or they never invaded your home at all. I’m guessing this isn’t the case anymore, however.

[color=#C2B280]For several hours yesterday, London’s Bandit-Chiefs issued challenges to persons who had given no cause for offence. I am pleased to say that the madness has passed.

If anyone was inconvenienced by these events, let me know at support@failbettergames.com and I’ll do my best to provide restitution.[/color]

[color=#ff9900]A little extra information: we just reworked the early A Bad Case of Rattus Faber content. [/color][color=#ff9900]We didn’t announce the revamp because it would only affect new players - if you’d already played the story you wouldn’t be able to play the new version.[/color]
[color=#ff9900]In future, though, when we revamp content like this we’ll do an announcement on the forums so you know what’s happening. It’s super-useful when you folks are informed and can let us know about new bugs quickly.[/color]
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You mean ‘ratstitution’ here, surely. Trust me, I’m an expert. an experat, if you will.