A personal appeal to Failbetter.

I know this might not be be the best place to ask this. I just couldn’t think of a better one. I’ve been playing on and off for the past couple of months. Not enough new content to keep me logging in every day. So I have to ask. Can you guys add some new grind heavy items? Like really expensive stuff in the shop or some more of the person of interest items? I just want something tangible to work towards in Echo Bazaar. At the moment I’m just stockpiling items waiting for the next content dump. So ya I guess I’m asking for something kind of weird. >_>

I wonder how far you are on the search for the name. There’s quite a bit to grind for there.

Get your Newspaper Accomplishments up to 10 each and then tell me their isn’t enough grind in Fallen London.

There is also the Cider, you can grind for that all you want. Anything, that costs less, would be bought out immediately by the people with deep pockets. Anything, not costing Echo, would require storylets to grind. And at that point: 1)You are simply asking for more content. A hearful cry, and I fully approve, but this is not constructive 2)No, we really do not need more storylets to grind

I think it’s a reasonable request - since there is the Overgoat for +10 watchful, maybe three more items on the same price level that give +10 for the other stats?

But I do agree with Nigel - there are lots of things to grind for that aren’t items.

Maybe do a suggestion for this?