A Person of Some Little Consequence story issue

I went with persuasive as my attribute so my home should be in the Veilgarden but the quest starts in watchmakers hill when needs dangerous to complete it. Dangerous is my lowest attribute so I cannot complete the quest without grinding it up. Is there a way around this part of the quest to get my home at the Veilgarden?

No, you need to get all four of your stats to hundred (with equipment, and you are only tested on one stat at once so you can switch equipment) to complete this story. There might be a way around with fate, but there is really no point as you will need all four of your stats throughout the game, and you will get stuck if you only work on persuasive.

You can grind up Dangerous, purchase gear to raise your Dangerous, or buy your way past the check with Fate.

That said, there’s no rush to become a POSI. If you’re below 100, you’ve got plenty of content to explore yet.

…then why am I given the quest when I’ve only gotten one stat to 100? Wouldn’t it make more sense to give it when i got all 4 to 100?

You don’t need all stats at 100. You only need the ability to boost them one at a time to 100.

The quest isn’t time-sensitive; there’s no harm in starting it early and coming back later.
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I think the answer to this is that it wouldn’t be much fun to be notified of a quest that you were immediately qualified to complete.

This way, players can learn about the route to Person of Some Importance-hood relatively early on and start working towards it, at whatever pace they choose.

Another way to get through this, if you’re patient and have no interest in grinding up the stat, is to wait until you get one of the rare cards that give you a +20 to a stat for an hour.

You can also spend 10 Fate per stat to bypass the 100 check, but there’s very little point. Person of Some Importance items are absurdly expensive, don’t usually give much by way of WatchfulDangerousPersuasiveShadowy stat bonuses, and involve content that isn’t necessarily tied to one stat only.

It’s best to grind until your stats + items are all 100. Look for those difficult challenges that don’t give menaces on failure! They’re not just in the beginning of the game, I’ve ground Watchful, Dangerous and Persuasive into the 80-100 range without having to ever repeatedly grind on menace actions.

yes, though you still need to get to the point where that’d do the job. also, it’s +30, not 20.

What are the Mood cards called? I wonder if I’ve been throwing them away.

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