A Person of Some Importance?

I have every skill over 100 and already have completed the gold storylets that you go to each of the four areas and at the last one you talk to the ambitious barrister. So why am I not a person of some importance yet? I thought doing all four of those made you one…?

ALSO, totally unrelated, but how do I obtain either “In Possession of a Peculiar Personal Enhancement A Fading Nub”, “A Roiling Mass”, “A Quivering Addition”, or “An Alarming Adornment”? I love the rubbery men so I try to always do the choices that support them haha.
edited by Jenna Quaranta on 8/16/2012

How high is your Person of Some Little Consequence quality? It sounds like you might be at 7. If that’s the case, the next stage of the story will play out through opportunity cards. It may take a couple of days for the necessary cards to show up in sufficient quantity.

The Peculiar Personal Enhancement is a fate-locked option related to Flute Street.

I find that nine times out of ten if your stuck in a story it boils down to waiting for cards.