A Paramount Presence?


Scroll until you see the green part, they confirmed its live[/quote]
I remember that old thread and I\ve never seen this as outright confirmation. That original thread was 90% about the mystery of the Passion destiny, with only side references to things such as the heptagoat and Paramount Presence.

Just the sentence &quotvarious people are at various stages of the Paramount Presence line&quot by itself, for me all it confirms is that if PP is available, a few people are on the right path.

That is: It’s possible that to be PP you need to go through all 4 POSI specializations, and since the mechanism to change specialization isn’t available yet, not one can achieve PP. This fits the sentiment of the message back then from Alexis, since IIRC that thread was not longer after the POSI specialization were first introduced.

Of course, I might be mistaken, and PP is readily available. Who knows, maybe all it takes is giving a heptagoat a drink of Cider? Maybe you need 10000 Connected for all factions. Maybe you need 7 of every item from the Bazaar.

The point is that the possibilities are literally endless. Without specific data, I’ll use Occam’s Razor and go with the simpler explanation that this is not yet in the game.[/quote]

I see it more as a &quotits possible, but no one knows how yet&quot. Since you mention the passion destiny, i remember that it wasnt very difficult to get, but you needed a high level of secrets framed in gold and by that time people usually already had a destiny and didnt bother to spend fate to check. Thats why i think that, even for PP, it makes sense that people might already have the right prerequisites but they dont know how to trigger it

Just don’t tell people that it’s definitely possible; it’s fine if that’s your interpretation, but it’s irresponsible – bad for both players and game – to spread your interpretation as if it were an official statement.

is there any major content that HAS been completed?

I saw a lot of people agreeing with this in the original thread, so i thought everyone at this point considered it true.
Well, everyone, replace every &quotis&quot i said until now with a &quotmight be&quot!

Well, there are the major storylines (affair of the box, university investigation, cheesemonger, cave of the nadir, the Jack case, to name but a few) and of course several of the large fate-locked stories which stand alone. The ambitions are very close to being finished (only one or two updates away). Most of the big outstanding/unfinished content relates to ‘end game’ matters, although there are obviously little stories like the last constable which have fallen by the wayside for now.

…I think I might have completed everyhting. Now I just need to finish my advancement for no real good reason.