"A Panthers Burden"?

While reading through this weeks iteration of &quotTime the healer&quot for my character, I noticed one of the qualities reading:

Your ‘A Panther’s Burden’ Quality has gone!

Can anyone explain to me what exactly this is? and how I got such an attribute to begin with?
I did run by the wiki first, however the only script for such a thing leads to an empty page:

Ha, I just checked Delmar’s messages after reading this and noticed that very same message. I’m not sure if you actually had the quality, however. Delmar didn’t have a Strange Catch, but that quality was reported as being removed too.

Panther’s Burden is a quality that indicates that your Parabolan Panther is about to deliver some kittens. The Panther herself was a Sunless Sea Kickstarter reward, and you could use certain Faction cards to pick up the quality and get some kittens to either keep or send to other players. I don’t know all the details, but I think that’s basically how it works.

Going to sea is also displaying as resetting qualities that people did not actually have.

Something is a little “wonky” in the works.

Unexpected engine mess-ups are usually a sign that something is being added or updated, no? I hope that’s the case…

Has anyone resigned a job lately? Last time I saw that branch (earlier this week) it spit out a really long list of “You no longer have any of” quality changes removing every single profession item, even though I was resigning a Tier 1 profession and didn’t have any. And it’s even possible to have more than one profession item! It looks like quality changes are showing up even if the player has 0 in a quality, which used to hide irrelevant quality changes.

I got that message too, but I don’t have a Panther, only a Parabolan Kitten that someone else gave me.

Is it still possible for players to gift Parabolan kittens? Or has that opportunity past with the recent change?


There ya go.