A note from the Cheesemonger

Hello, fellow inhabitants of the Fallen London!
There is a thing that I must ask you: are there any additional requirements for the &quotA note from the Cheesemonger&quot card? I already have Shadowy over 90 and the &quotAgent of the Cheesemonger&quot 15, but I seem to not have much luck obtaining the aforementioned card. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

It shouldn’t require anything more, unless it’s changed. Chances are the RNG is against you. How long have you tried getting it?

Well, it’s been a few good days of clicking the cards in my lodgings. I guess that luck isn’t on my side.

Don’t think you have to draw at your lodgings, but might be wrong there.

Edit: I don’t think I did that, but I can’t say for sure.
edited by Aximillio on 6/15/2014

Still no luck. Seems that I’m stuck.

I shouldn’t worry about it. Took about a week for it to turn up for one of my characters.

Just keep turning cards when you can and she’ll turn up eventually.