'A nocturnal visitor to the palace cellars' bug?

The last couple of times I’ve received the ‘nocturnal visitor’ card, I’ve succeeded in the watchful check for both the prisoner’s honey and working LB/foxfire candle options, and despite this the nocturnal visitor stat has refused to increase because it’s already more than four.

Should I only be choosing the 250 foxfire candle option (which is the only one I’ve not tried since getting to level five of the stat), or is there some kind of bug? Or should I be using some other method to increase the stat (in which case why does the card still appear)?

It’s capped at 5, and there’s no more content along that plot thread. I’m assuming it’ll be picked up again later, but for now the card is just going to hang around your deck. It confused me too.

Five is as high as that quality goes, as far as I know.

Ah! Thanks, Sara and Lady Ciel. It’s an interesting plot thread (and redolent of a story in The Invisibles, if anyone read that) so I’m looking forward to its continuation. Having those cards in my deck is irritating though.


“In the darkness, we are all invisible”