A no-spoiler question about Flute Street

With regard to that place, can there be said to be things there that one would regret missing, or certainly need to include in any visit they might make?

For that matter, if one’s troubled dreams where to overtake them in that place, would it be an unusual detriment by comparison to average?
edited by Finvara on 3/27/2013

Firstly, it’s Flute Street, not Fluke Street. Fluke’s are related, but not the same.
I doubt letting Nightmares reach 8 will bring a penalty, seeing as it’s not in London, but I’ve never experienced it, so can’t be certain. For all I know, the rubbery men might heal you.
Thirdly, you can always return with one turn, but I suggest you try each storylet at least once. I can PM you the unique rewards that can be gotten there.
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I apologize for the slip up. That will teach me to ask questions AFTER tea rather than before. Additional information in a private format would be most welcome.

Flute Street provides some interesting Rubbery Lore. In fact, if that’s something that you’re interested in, you’ll learn more here than in the entire rest of the game. So, it’s worth visiting for that reason. It also has various rewards available, some of which are currently unique.
As a bonus, the writing down there is really quite good.