A nice Little Picture for a nice Little Individual

Dawn Machine help me if this is the right place to post this; it certainly is off-topic though.

What I am curious about is how exactly do people add pictures to their ‘‘Signatures’’? I am already familiar with adding links as you can see in my own signature, but I believe it doesn’t fit exactly so I tried adding a picture in there. Since there is of course no option to upload it, I indeed will ask again about the possibilities of that happening? My first idea was adding a link from imgur between the img and /img, but all I got was a little icon of a picture, not exactly what I uploaded onto imgur myself. If anyone has an idea and is ready to offer some help with it, I am glad to receive any answers and guides on how to do it right!

Thank you, delicious friends!
edited by Siegron on 7/20/2018

The formatting for adding images is [img ]the direct url of the image[/ img] - only without the spaces. Hope that helps!

Alright then, thanks a lot, delicious friend! It sure did answer this unfathomable enigma, hah-hah.