A newbie looks for in-game RP company!

I hope this came to the right address :'D

Sooooo! I’m a new face in Fallen London, and I would be interested in roleplaying (sort of) in-game in FL. You know, in form of letters, social activity invitation extras, and so on. I’m not interested in forum roleplaying since I already do that quite a lot elsewhere.

Why I made this thread rather than just looked for someone is because there are some limitations in my gameplay that I want to address (kinda in way of &quotso you won’t be disappointed&quot):

  1. I’m new here. I don’t know lore very well yet. Also, my characters aren’t very fleshed out yet (but according to my experience, roleplaying characters tend to become more defined when they are played).

  2. I’m a non-native English speaker, and therefore I’m not very good in Fancy English (and not entirely flawless in my regular English either). So that limits my own expression and my skill to decode Fancy English. I don’t mean that the other party shouldn’t use Fancy English (it can actually be pretty educating to me!), but rather that if Fancy English is used, there are chances for misunderstandings.

I have quite a lot experience of regular forum roleplaying, but I want to have something different now :)

Then to my babies (links below):

Lorelei Hale is a sultry, materialistic literature person with kleptomaniac tendencies. She likes Neathly pleasures and shiny things. And herself. While she may not be a malicious person, she has little interest to anyone else than herself. For now, people have been mostly her step ladders to delights, and she doesn’t really consider consequences if it’s not related to her own well-being and pleasure.

Herlinda Smith (in-game only Herlinda) is a peppery, snarky amateur sleuth with genuine good intentions. The dark world and her even darker mind may not make being heroic easy, but she has certain standards she attempts to live up. Also, she is nosy. And dislikes if someone wins her in chess.

Here we go! And correct me if this went to wrong place.

Your English looks pretty good to me! And I would be absolutely delighted at any RP-centric social actions you sent my way.

Okay! Do you have preferences for which lady your gentleman would like to accompany? :) Also, I think it wouldn’t hurt thinking a bit how the characters are acquainted. What does Mathieu usually do? Does he have a profession? Just trying to figure out how to spark the interaction.

I would be fine with both, as a matter of fact! Mathieu’s is, or was, also known as the Bard of Lost Children, a poet, author, and composer who shed light on the secret worlds of the rooftops, and the lore and legends of the Urchin Gangs. Lately, however, his induction into their mysteries has left him further and further entangled in Neathy secrets, all the while he seeks to influence London, to turn it upside-down and place the lowest of all the groups, the ragged, abandoned children, on top of the social world as well as the buildings of the Fifth City.

So that suits well with both of my ladies! Perhaps more with Herlinda who has an idealistic streak. Meanwhile Lorelei concentrates on artistic issues mostly when she needs cash xD

My Dear Ms. Hale and Ms. Smith,

Welcome and welcome to the delightful Neath, there is so much here that needs a nose poked into it, so many dark corners that need illumination, so many more opportunities for ladies to climb social (and other) ladders! I am sure you will both find the most delicious delights here. You must not hesitate to call on me if there is any way I can be of assistance. Also, as an old friend of his, I assure you that you will find Mr. Mathieu Psmith the most wonderful company.

Yours most truly -Lady Sapho of the Neath[li]
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More business cards ahead! Sapho appears someone Lorelei would like to chill with :D

I wrote a very long letter in reply to Herlinda’s… and it ended up going to the wrong person completely! Hopefully, the recipient will forward it to you…

(Of course, the funny thing is that the Postal Service in-lore is supposed to be rather unreliable)

Oh dear! D: Let’s hope so!

It is indeed an unfortunate thing that those messages disappear upon replying. I try to memorize what reads in those, but I can’t recall all o___O Perhaps I should start to copypaste them somewhere for reference.

EDIT: Both Herlinda and Lorelei got action invitations from Sapho, but I can’t open, but instead I get an error message stating &quotOne of you is, regrettably, in the wrong place to do that.&quot My characters are in regular places of Fallen London, but where is Sapho? Or are those actions that low-level characters of mine can’t take part to?
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My Dear Friends, I had the misfortune to be exiled in the Tomb Colonies (a story I shall relate elsewhere), but I am now returned and am free for the engagements to which I have invited you. -S.B.

So! After this scadalous event, more shenanigans will ensue! :D

EDIT: …still not working D: Perhaps there is a delay?
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I am engaged in something…interesting…try in about 30 minutes.

Now it worked at least for Lorelei! I’ll shoot back something RP-y later c:

E: Worked for Herlinda too. c:
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I would also be interested in actions of the roleplaying persuasion, if any of my characters interest you.

I always keep my social action messages in-character anyway, so I suppose some more formal roleplaying wouldn’t go amiss. Both of my characters are always open to meeting new friends:

Soran is a scholar and an artist, by-and-large, with a few less scrupulous side-interests. They’re fairly quiet, reserved, and curiously alluring, but also very self-indulgent. Soran can occasionally become a bit absent-minded (fairly typical for Neathy scholars, really), and they have a rather worrying obsession with bats.

Zero Hunt is ostensibly a spy-for-hire, but really, he’ll do just about anything that involves risk or subterfuge, with some rather trashy artistic endeavors on the side. He’s out-going and charming, in a very deliberately eccentric sort of way. Don’t expect him to take anything seriously on a normal day (though if you do correspond with him, keep in mind that he recently lost one of his rat friends, so he may be less cheerful than he would normally be for a while, but he’ll eventually get better).

Both of these characters are largely good people, barring the occasional petty lapse in moral fortitude (but when you think about it, knocking out a weasel seller to steal his weasels isn’t really causing anyone any permanent damage). Soran even runs an orphanage! And also possibly a ruthless criminal gang, but still; an orphanage!

Shooting more calling cards ahead! (Once I get enough actions.)

I think that for now I have enough RP company. I don’t forbid people for sending more requests, but I fear that if there is too many RP contacts in the same time I forget to RP with someone @___@

Sooooo if there are other people interested in RP company, I guess you can also contact each others? :D

E: Pathalassa, would you like to describe your characters a bit? I got some idea from their pages already, but I would be interested in hearing more details.
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Marina does quite a few things. Writing, detective work, seduction (though usually with distaste)…but her main passions are archaeology, the collecting of secrets, and the Correspondence. She’s conservative, dignified, disdainful, ruthless at times, and cold; expected, considering her upbringing. She is, however, calm, subtle, and has a hidden streak of friendliness and magnanimity, more than willing to lend a hand to both those who are trodden underfoot by the upper part of society (tomb colonists are the exception) and those who she finds interesting, never forgetting favors granted and owed on either side. She used to be happier, people say, less guarded, but the events that drove her to London in the first place changed her…

Mady is, to put it simply, full of herself. Anyone who calls themselves the Moroccan Maverick is bound to be so. These claims are not all hot air, however: she is genuinely gifted in the shadowy arts, especially larceny, and is a rather good fighter to boot, utterly fearless and willing to take anything headon, no matter how chancy. When it works, it works extremely well; when it doesn’t…well, there’s a reason she’s been hauled off to New Newsgate more than once. Daring, quick-witted, brash, prone to laughter, kind, pleasure-seeking, and loyal to a fault, she will take on any job with enough goading. There is one area where she is sober, though- the tracking down of a certain person, a murderer of one of her loved ones.

Finally, Natty. Lookswise, he is a very nondescript man; for some reason, though, his demeanour seems to draw one’s eyes to him, like a whirlpool drawing all those close to their graves. Not that he’d do such a thing, however. Though he is in very good physical condition, especially for a man of his age (40? 30? 50? Nobody is quite sure), he rarely uses it against others, or, at the very least, hides his activities well. Fair enough; he has practice with that kind of thing, being a revolutionary, which is the fuel for many of his goals in Fallen London. Not that you could tell, though: he is refined, affable, generous, sympathetic, and likable in general, always trying to do the right thing. The right thing, of course, being the Great Work. Stand in the way of that, and he will cut through you with no remorse.
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More calling cards ahead, then!

I’ll add my name to the list of people looking for in-game roleplay. Here’s my character:

Gender: Female
Age: 16–18
Height: About 5 feet
Build: Petite, slender
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Straight black and black, Kat’s hair is usually worn in a sloppy pile with escaping strands that she unconsciously twirls.
Dress: Kat tends to dress in practical clothes running to browns, grays, and dark greens and blues. She secretly wishes she could dress in something more flattering with bright colors. Her glasses are inclined to slide down her nose and she’s constantly pushing them back up.
General Description: Kat is bright, kind hearted, earnest, and insatiably curious. When excited about a new idea or adventure (which is often), she talks quickly and her eyes grow wide and shine brilliantly. Most of Kat’s knowledge is book learning; lacking real world experience she is often more confident and trusting than is warranted. When not intensely absorbed in talking about her latest expedition or the latest book she’s read, Kat is quite shy and uncomfortable when the center of attention.

[li] I would also be delighted to receive in-character cards, social invites and letters, and will reciprocate gladly. (I’m a bit rusty, I fear, and won’t be matching the skill and style I’ve seen reproduced here, particularly in the “best calling cards” thread, but given time and more familiarity with the game’s lore and I’ll get there. Or try to.

Edith Blackmore is a 17-year-old aspiring poetess and nascent hedonist. She descended into the Neath quite recently, to seek her fortune (and also, some say, to escape scandal). She is boisterous, outgoing, charming, and has an attraction to intrigue and excitement that will undoubtedly prove injurious. She has thrown herself wholeheartedly into Fallen London’s seedy underbelly, ostensibly in search of inspiration, and is fond of grandiose statements about the City being her Muse. Truth be told, she spends more time in the pursuit of pleasure than she does on her work. It’s all a terribly diverting game to her, really.

Where might you have seen her: Veilgarden. She is a regular at the Singing Mandrake. She is still relatively unknown as an artist, but has carried out a few minor commissions.

Thomas Blackmore is Edith’s older brother, a reserved gentleman in his mid-20’s. He arrived in the City shortly after his sister, though it is unclear whether he came in pursuit of her, or was drawn by some other errand. He is a serious, even dour, young man, in stark contrast with Edith. They do not appear to get on all that well. He has a weakness for damsels in distress, but otherwise avoids entanglement in matters of intrigue or politics. Given his line of work, and his apparent devotion to it, such entanglements are likely unavoidable.

Where you might have seen him: Ladybones Road, where he has been working as an enquirer. He’s small-time, the sort of man who gets hired to locate lost bats and other hopeless cases. He has been frequenting the Medusa’s Head of late, where he sticks out like a sore, uncomfortable thumb.